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MSWP offers children, 15 months through 6 years of age, a Montessori education  at our Denver location. Our peaceful and prepared environment fosters independence, respect, and joy in learning while embracing a child’s natural wonder and curiosity.

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Toddler Program

Like the Primary environments, the Toddler classroom is designed specifically for that age and boasts a beautiful, naturally landscaped outdoor space in the back. Ten toddlers can be in this program at one time, along with two adults.

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Primary Program

The Primary Program teaches children learn concepts through sequential repetition and helps develop foundations for socialization and independent thought. Each of our three classrooms support 20 students and two adults.

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Parent Infant Community

The Parent Infant (or Parent Child) Community is a class in which one or both parents and/or caregiver attend with their child expecting to 9 months. The sessions are 90 minutes long, once a week. With weekly parent meetings one night a week during the session. Wonderful opportunity to learn about being a new parent and make new parent friends.



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